"This is a novel to be cherished and considered, not read through quickly - a true gem in the contemporary world of love stories." ~Deborah Lloyd

"The narrator, who is also the author, did an amazing job... I think this author has a hit with this book... I will definitely listen to this author as an author and a narrator again." ~ Lisa, review of the Audiobook edition.

"The author wrote an incredible story that tugged at the heartstrings without making it seem outlandish or over dramatic." ~ Melissa Tanaka

"The story is passionate and filled with desire for loving the right person or the looking glass friend, as the author terms it, and is definitely uplifting for all those who are looking for their soul mate." ~ Mamta Madhavan 

"What does it feel like to meet the person who’s been hidden behind the keyboard? An entertaining and richly construed story." ~Arya Fomonyuy 

"E.L. "Neve will toy with your emotions until the last page of this brilliant novel." ~Divine Zape 

"I had a very good time reading the book and would wholeheartedly recommend it to other readers!" ~ rvallim

"The story unfolded at a lovely pace...the prose was beautiful. It was sensitively written with great imagery...I wouldn't change of a word." ~ Sabine Muir

"The characters are complex while the story is light, incorporating poetry and prose to fuel the flames of Ellie and Neil's budding relationship." ~ Jesse Toen

"A beautifully written love story that ventures outside the norm for the genre. If you've found yourself falling for someone across the world of the internet, this book will move you." ~ <1> QueenBee 

"Author E.L. Neve does a wonderful job creating a compelling romance novel that will leave the reader conflicted and enthralled." ~ Sharon

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