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When I decided to make my own audiobook for Looking Glass Friends, I thought it was going to be easy; just sit on the closet floor with a medium-priced mic and record. My bubble burst when I started hearing my dogs pacing outside the closed door. 

Recording your own audiobook is hard. You have to set up a home studio that works in your environment. You need to figure out your recording equipment. You need to find quiet times to record (when your neighbor isn't mowing his lawn). You need to learn to use different softwares from DAW's to Izotope-like repair tools. And finally, if like me you intend to publish on Audible, you need to produce audio that meets their requirements.

It took me six months to produce my audiobook, which will be released in the coming days. I'm by no means an audio engineer. But I learned a lot, so in this blog I'll write articles about every step, the kind of articles that would have helped me when I got started.

Feb, 2nd, 2017

I just published the first abridged classic under my imprint, Nothing but the Story. Each of the books I will pick to "save" has something very special about it. This one--a historical romance set in Australia in the year 1831--creates a series of love triangles unlike any you'd expect to find in classics from that period. Hitchcock turned the book into a movie (not one of his best). In 1983 Australian TV made a beautiful mini-series out of it. I highly recommend Under Capricorn to anyone who loves classical novels.

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