Thursday, September 6, 2018

Audible Edition

It's like going to Narnia...through a closet.
That's what recording my audiobook felt like. I would seal myself in my closet. Pull the thick mover's blanket over the door. And the world outside would be muffled. The room had a small light. And my words on my monitor. That was the whole of reality.
Reading a story aloud in an audio booth is magical. There's nothing to distract you. You weave an alternate reality with the sound of your voice.
Reviewers listening to the story seemed to feel what I felt when I recorded it:
"5 stars for the narration of this book, performed by the author. Ethereal."
"The narrator, who is also the author, did an amazing job."
"Beautiful excellently written love story of two souls finding happiness with each other. well narrated!"

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