Monday, January 9, 2017

New 5 Star Review from Divine Vape

Five Star Review by Divine Zape

5 Star Readers' Favorite Review for
 “The man lying on the bed did not care that his room had grown dark. In the dying sunset the gun in his hand became a logical conclusion to his thoughts, an inevitable means to his bitter end. He had sworn an oath to himself two years ago, and the words walked with him like a second shadow ever since: ‘I swear not to draw out my life. When disgust and boredom are all that’s left, I’ll end this.’” Thus begins the story of an atypical romance with twists that will surprise readers.

Looking Glass Friends: A Novel Inspired by Real Love Letters by E.L. Neve features powerful and compelling characters, exploring the anatomy of human love from a very unique perspective. Two married people meet online and start discussing a book through email exchanges, but what starts as a literary exchange soon becomes a medium through which they see and feel themselves in each other, until the attraction becomes irresistible. Can they take the chance to step beyond the virtual exchanges?

Well-crafted and compelling, this novel is a great success on many counts. First off, readers will fall for the characters who are so real and who are a reflection of the dilemma that many people find themselves in. I enjoyed the way the author explores complex issues related to modern technology and communication. The use of the epistolary is a style that enhances the plot and helps in character development.

 Looking Glass Friends: A Novel Inspired by Real Love Letters is intense and the kind of work that will awaken powerful emotions in readers. As one reads on, the need to find out what happens at the end becomes very strong. Will the married woman leave her husband and five-year-old child for a stranger who makes her feel awesome? E.L. Neve will toy with your emotions until the last page of this brilliant novel.

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